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Welcome to Spooky Files. This is a site dedicated becoming an archive and resource for all that is spooky, where to find content about it (if not hosted here) and more. This is a beginning project however we plan to get things running smooth and fast so be sure to bookmark this site and come back regularly!


Below is a list of categories that we believe summarize most things for more see the Category Tree.


Supernatural Cryptids Ufology
Black-Eyed Kids Animal Associations Example
Djinn Artificial Creatures Example
Elementals Distribution Anomalies Example
Etheric Revenants Fossil Relatives Example
Fairys Humanoids Example
Ghosts Hybrids Example
Gods Lingerlings Example
Shadow People Mythical Animals Example
Spirits People of Note Example
Sprites Plantae/Plant Example
Wanderlight Shapeshifters Example
Undead Example
Unusual Variations Example
World Begins Example


Occults Organizations Crime Online Phenomena Pop Culture
Western Occult Paths Governmental Serial Killers ARG Cartoon Theories
Other Syndicates Example Deep Web Game Theories
Videos Movie Theories
Bizarre Sites Series Theories


Literature Video Content Audio Content Locations Misc
Ancient Youtube Channels Example Ghost towns Unassigned content
Folklore Live Streams Example Haunted Locations
Conspiracies & Theories Example Example Mysterious Locations
Urban Legends Mythological Places

Tools and Software

For a collection of tools and software we use and recommend. Ranging from things that protect your privacy to some quality of life tools for your research needs.

Devices Operating Systems Software services WebTools

Editors Links

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